Our Approach

Single-channel contact center resources are a thing of the past. Today’s customer bases are diverse, and so are their communication needs. To fully engage and satisfy your clients, our multichannel call center offering opens a wide world of communication possibilities so that our reps are available where and when your customers most need them. The reality of customer support is that different channels work better for differing businesses, so an omnichannel offering may simply be too broad to be meaningful for your organization, Instead, AGS supports multi-channel mixes of options so we can focus our services exactly where your clients prefer to communicate with you.

Voice Support

we believe combining voice with any of our other multichannel call center capabilities gives you an edge. Our comprehensive Inbound and Outbound services work seamlessly with any of the other communication methods we offer, and you will find unlimited potential and value in offering these to your customers!

Chat Support

Lately, there has been a surge in businesses offering chat options for customers needing assistance. It’s so popular, in fact, many companies find it’s second only to phone calls. What better way to be accessible to your customers than having this on-demand feature? Our team can handle a blend of calls and/or incoming messages with ease. You can even have this support 24/7/365 without draining your in-house staff.

Email Support

Streamline your customer’s experience by having the AGS team assist with written correspondence. Our email solutions range from a simple response by way of a canned reply to a fully customized response, addressing your customer’s every need. Typically, we can address any service concern your customers have via email the same way we can via telephone. Many of our clients utilize this so they can readily send documents or order confirmations to their customers.


Click-to-call is a great integration for any website or social media advertisement. With a simple click, or tap, your potential customers can be on their way to talking to a representative. We can set up support so it’s there 24/7/365 so you never miss connecting with a prospect! We can integrate our systems effortlessly into the needed telephony so you see results quickly. Augment your website or post your ad and benefit from this added support solution!

Virtual Queue Callback

There’s nothing better than a win-win scenario. If your call volume can be volatile, or you experience an unexpected increase in calls, we can utilize the virtual queue callback option. It gives your callers the ability to opt out of holding at a certain threshold, and they are automatically called back when it is their turn in the queue. This will help you with your service levels and customer satisfaction. It reduces customer abrasion, improves service level, and is easy to implement with messaging you can customize.


Want to engage customers via text messaging? SMS support is another great way to utilize a contact center like AGS. Our representatives can indeed be ‘standing by’ to help your customers through a variety of contact methods. Texting/SMS use has never been higher!

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