This type of service involves a dedicated group of agents that handle Voice and Non Voice communications, exclusively for one client. Dedicated Services are ideal for multi tasking process or when volume is significant and predictable, service provider handling small dedicated team of executives. The closest thing to a dedicated customer service team.

Jack of All Trades, master of ONE!

Dedicated team members not only specialize in applying their acquired knowledge; they master it. They navigate your systems and work through customer concerns with a practiced ease. Having a dedicated team offers your customers the most effective customer service experience of any model.

Specialized Service

They’re trained to understand your brand messaging, culture, audience, product details, policies and systems. They service your customers exclusively and apply their training knowledge to every interaction. You will quickly come to think of AGS dedicated team as a direct extension of your internal team.

Integrated Systems

Our partners integrated our team with theirs. The dedicated agents become a cohesive unit, dependable and easily scheduled to meet your needs.

Security and confidentiality

Security standards and contracts are followed and best practices are in place to ensure data confidentiality

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