Our Approach

1. Remote Agent/ Home Solutions
The Technology
Call centre cloud solutions have changed the game in lots of areas and BCP is another one to add to the list as its the core enabler to having home-based/remote call centre agents.

2. Have a backup site
Assuming a disaster scenario, that may be difficult.
Of course, it’s not always a disaster you need to be concerned about.
Your building may be inaccessible or non-operational for numerous reasons like a power outage, nearby car accident, gas leak etc.
So having some capacity nearby, will enable you to divert your staff to another location and continue to take calls. The backup site doesn’t need to be the same size as your existing centre either.
You may just want a small number of seats to handle emergency calls only or to take messages until things are back to normal.

3. Re-route your calls
There are lots of businesses that run their call centres across multiple sites for the primary purpose of Business Continuity.
In the event one site becomes unavailable, calls are simply diverted to the other centre. This may reduce overall capacity but calls are still being answered.

Use an outsourcer as a back up site
Many contact centre outsourcers now offer a permanent BCP solution where you can lease call centre seats that are ready to go should you ever need them when your centre is unavailable. While each outsourcer has different solutions and pricing, they can be roughly split into:
Hot – Just like having another workstation at your call centre. Everything ready and configured to go – the call centre agents arrive, log in and start taking calls.
Warm – The outsourcer has a group of seats available for BCP but those seats can be shared between other businesses. In the event you need them, there can be a configuration time required before you can use them. This could be anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours.
Cold – Just the seats only. The cheapest solution but requires the longest time to get them up and running.

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