Corporate Social Responsibility is about building and implementing strategies which involves our planet, its people, and business profits together to achieve sustainable growth. It is not that without CSR a company cannot exist but it is just that with well strategized and well-implemented CSR program a company can flourish. At AGS we believe in Doing the right things and taking care of one another is an integral part of who we are—and we live up to these mandates through charitable giving, engaging social impact and environmental sustainability.

There is a certain joy that comes from giving to others—and it’s a happiness felt by our team in sharing a bit out of there earnings for people in need.

We only partner with other registered non-profits—because transparency and integrity matter.

We might not be the first responders, but certainly believe in our party of arranging supplies during a crisis.

Be Part of Making Lives Better!


AGS is dedicated to accommodating individuals with disabilities, when ever there is an opportunity, AGS takes part in helping people with physical challenges.


We proudly support our soldiers, veterans, their spouses and families through govt. programs focused on financial and education assistance.

Mother Earth

Earth is All We Have – There is No Plan(et) B

SUSTAINABILITY – We prohibit practices that harm ecosystems by looking for ways to minimize the use of natural resources and maintaining recycling programs.

CARBON FOOTPRINT – We adhere to strict heating, cooling and electricity-consumption targets, and have established a Work-at-Home program that can accommodate 20-25 employees.

WASTE – We partner with specialized vendors to properly recycle e-waste.