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Customized Call Center Solutions for Businesses

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Your business needs a service partner that has the bandwidth to support your growth and react to market changes that impact your industry.

Expand Your Reach

AGS  has knowledgeable staff, customized Service solutions, and training support to grow with your business.

Support Internal Staff & Streamline Operations

Outsourcing call business services allows you to focus on your core competencies while our expert teams manage the piece of business we do best: customer service, sales support & backoffice work.

Customized & Comprehensive Solutions for Diverse Industries!

We pride ourselves on offering affordable, scalable and reliable Solutions!

Retail & eCommerce
Financial Services
Energy & Utilities
Telecom & ISP’s
Nonprofit Fundraising
Travel Industry
Hospitality Industry

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Our Philosophy!

AGS means Successful Outsourcing initiative. Our entire business is centred around helping our clients locate the BEST POSSIBLE call centres solutions for their needs! Our dedicated call center , Contact Center and back office services are the next level of branded Business Process Management. Our dedicated options are the closest thing to your own employees. Your team of dedicated executives will only handle your business so they can accurately represent your brand 100% of the time.
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Quality and Compliance Statement!

At Avantcore we are committed to providing customers with service and solutions of the highest possible level of quality. To keep the process of improvement simple and streamlined be believe in ”Doing What We Document And We Document what we Do!”. The implementation of the quality policy is the responsibility of all employees, with overall responsibility residing with the Board of Directors. At all levels we are responsible and accountability for are own output.

Our Compliance Policy is simple, We have always been and remain committed to our responsibility to conduct our business affairs with integrity based on sound ethical and moral standards. We will hold our employees and agents to these same standards. Any information shared by our client is treated as client property, will classified as company internal and private information. We are committed to safeguard our clients interests and align there mission, vision, values and objectives while serving there clients.


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